Tooting High St


We try to avoid queuing if we can which is one of the reasons we haven’t been to Mud for brunch until now. The last time we ventured to that end of Tooting High Street there was a queue in the street and we decided not to wait (we were in desperate need of coffee and food!). After today though, we can see why people do wait in line here.

As the sun was out they had opened their garden at the back and, despite being a Friday, when we arrived this was the only place where there were tables free. The menu is varied and includes a range of goodies including smashed avocado, eggs benny and granola. Seeing plates of food being delivered to the tables around us made it hard to choose as it all looked so good but in the end we chose a Mud Muffin and the wild mushroom special. We also chose a long black, cappuccino and a Karma cola to drink.


Sitting in the sun, it almost felt like summer, and the food and drink didn’t take long to arrive.  The food looked amazing. The wild mushroom special included 2 slices of toasted sourdough bread, 2 poached eggs, a grilled sausage, some red onion jam and a huge mound of mushrooms with pesto. It was delicious. The eggs were poached to perfection and the rich and creamy yolks provided a lovely rich sauce for the mushrooms. The mushrooms were earthy and well-cooked and the pesto provided a nice bit of flavour.


The Mud Muffin, not dissimilar to a full English in a stack, was great. A tasty sausage patty with a slice of chedder, bacon and a lovely soft fried egg (although the edges of it were quite crispy), sandwiched perfectly between a muffin. Of course, I mustn’t forget the fantastic potato waffles with parmesan on top. I haven’t had them for years, and they were great!


Mud pride themselves on making proper coffee and the coffee here is very good. The flavour of the espresso came through the Long Black well, with no bitter or burnt edge to it. The cappuccino had well stretched milk that added the perfect sweetness to it without having to add sugar.


As we said, after having brunch here today we can see why people queue here at the weekends. It’s well worth it!


We have never been to Tota. We aren’t sure why, but after last Saturday night we were both left very aware that we had been missing out on this little gem in Tooting and were very clear on the fact we would be back. We booked a table online for 7pm and arrived a little early. This proved to be a good thing as we were in time to take advantage of the 2 for 1 cocktails as part of happy hour. We had to order 2 of the same so selected a Pornstar Martini (vodka and passion fruit, with a shot of Prosecco), slightly unmanly but tasty all the same.


The menu at Tota is wider ranging than most restaurants in the vicinity. What really came across was the passion for food and desire to create great dishes from good ingredients. This did present us with a dilemma though as all of the specials sounded delicious and we wanted to try them all.


In the end we settled on some crispy pigs head bites as a nibble, then the lobster mac and cheese, and the foie gras and duck terrine for our starters. The pigs head nibbles were moist, meaty and had great flavour, and came with a nice aioli dip. They prepared us nicely for the food that was to follow.


We can sum up our starters in 2 simple words; totally delicious. To add a few more though, the lobster mac and cheese was creamy, rich and full of flavour. Topped with some streaky bacon and asparagus on top, it was absolutely delicious could have passed for a main meal.


The foie gras and duck terrine was equally lovely: it was rich and creamy but had a nice meaty substance to it, and it came served with a red onion chutney, adding some sweetness and sharpness, and some toasted bread.


The meal had got off to a great start already and the mains had a lot to live up to, but thankfully they did. We chose the ribs, as we were told they were smoked in house and a bit of a specialty, and also the lamb rump. These were both from the main menu, but again, there was so much choice and the specials all sounded lovely. When they arrived we were not disappointed. The ribs were amazing: sweet, smoky and they just fell apart. The portion was also massive. They were served with a good slaw, and choice of baked potato, fries or sweet potato fries and I opted for the sweet potato fries. I couldn’t finish all of the ribs but luckily I was with someone who could help.


The generous portion of lamb was lovely. Cooked perfectly pink and covered in a lovely gravy, it was served with some creamy mash, parsnips , lovely earthy mushrooms, and soft confit garlic. It was very tasty, and very filling.


We had accompanied our meal with a glass of wine each (Sauvignon Blanc and a very nice Rioja) and by the time we finished our mains we were stuffed. The deserts all sounded amazing but we just couldn’t eat another thing.

I don’t know why we had never been to Tota before now, we’d walked past it numerous times, but we have been seriously missing out. The food was fantastic, the service was warm and welcoming and it was good value for money. As we said, it is a bit different to some of the other places in Tooting who offer much narrower and specific menus but Tota is the sort of place you could go to with friends, family or even on a date. The bonus is, there is something on the menu for everyone. On Tuesday nights they do half price ribs and, if what we had on Saturday is anything to go by, that would be an absolute bargain.


Chicken Shop

Friday night and a visit from the parents meant we could either cook or go out, and being honest with you, who wants to cook on a Friday? Obviously the location was going to be Tooting, but what about the food? Well, sometimes you just need Chicken and chips, and for me Friday was one of those day, so the decision was easy; Chicken Shop.

Chicken Shop has been in Tooting for several years now, and they are now in 10 other locations around London (and a couple abroad). Like most places in Tooting, it is small inside but well designed and has a rustic feel to the décor. We arrived early, meaning they seated the 4 of us quickly at a table in the restaurant area at the back. The menu is simple. Chicken or burgers from the Dirty Burger menu.


After some deliberation we opted for a whole chicken and a selection of sides to share including sweet potato fries, a lettuce and avocado salad, corn on the cob, onion fries and coleslaw.

It didn’t take long for the food to arrive and it looked great. The chicken here is finished on a rotisserie, and is succulent and tasty in a way you just can’t get it at home (unless you put some effort into it!). They chop it up into perfect portions, pop in some lemon slices to squeeze over if you so desire, and leave it to you to tuck in.


The sweet potato fries were delicious, really well cooked and crispy. We weren’t sure what to expect with the onion fries, but they were like ½ onion rings with a light and crispy batter.


The corn was drizzled with a garlic butter and the coleslaw was also fresh, crunchy and really tasty.  The salad was a good sized portion and came with a well flavoured dressing.


On the tables, they supply bottles of their own smoky sauce and their own hot sauce. These add a nice hint of heat and flavour.

We were all too full to eat desert and left with that feeling you get when you’ve had a really good meal.

For us, Chicken Shop beats Nando’s hands down. It’s not just the chicken that tastes nicer, or the great sides that they offer, but the atmosphere inside is more relaxed and the service is always friendly. Of course if you just want to stay in,  you can get Chicken Shop delivered straight to your door with Deliveroo, and we can vouch for the fact the food tastes just as good at home as it does if you eat in!


The Little Taperia

We like tapas and have been to The Little Taperia in Tooting a couple of times since it opened. So, finding ourselves at a loose end on a Saturday night and with nothing inspiring in the fridge we booked ourselves a table for an early dinner.

The restaurant is small and cosy, and when it first opened it was walk-ins only and whilst the food is worth queueing for, being impatient, quite often we didn’t. The fact that you can now book a table means that we get to eat there more often, which is great. Even though we had an early booking at 18.30, it was reasonably busy when we arrived. The décor creates a warm and inviting atmosphere. For the first time, we were seated in the area at the back, which is where the kitchen is. This suited us perfectly as it was a bit quieter and a little cooler. We were immediately offered water for the table and then left to peruse the menus.

The bar menu comprises of a range of cocktails, wines and beer. From the decent choice of wine on the menu, we chose 1 glass of Lopez de Haro Crianza Rioja. It was also pleasing to see a G&T on the menu that featured our favourite gin, locally distilled Graveney Gin. So that was me sorted.


Now, the trouble with tapas is, it can be tricky to order just the right amount of food. This is made even trickier when everything on the menu sounds so appetising.


We opted for a few staple favourites: potatas bravas, padron peppers, gambas al ajilo and grilled chorizo, and then added scotch eggs, albondigas (meatballs) and the special which was lamb cutlets.  We have found that no 2 tapas restaurants are the same and they each have their own twist on these dishes. Here, potatas bravas is served with an aioli dip as well as (we think) a paprika dip, with more paprika sprinkled over the top (it’s not too much, honest!). The potatoes were crispy and well-cooked and I loved the 2 dips. The padron peppers are fried and served simply with rock salt, they are incredibly moreish.


The grilled chorizo sausage is served on a slice of toasted sourdough with a pesto spread and piquilo pepper. It makes for a lovely combination of flavours.


The scotch eggs are a bit of a speciality here and they are always perfectly cooked, runny in the middle with a rich surrounding meaty layer and crisp coating.


The gambas were served still sizzling in their dish and were plump and well-seasoned with slices of garlic and chilli.


We haven’t tried the albondigas before but with a juicy chunky tomato base, they were really good.


Finally, the lamb cutlets, which were almost a course in themselves. Cooked perfectly pink, along with some crisp potato wedges and a lovely minty salsa verde. Fantastic.


Finally we decided, perhaps unwisely, to share a portion of churros with some milk chocolate sauce to dip. They were a lovely end to the meal but, by the time we left, I couldn’t even mention the word food, because I was so full.


Everything went well together and also worked as a dish by itself, and there was still plenty on the menu that we didn’t get to try, but we’ll save them for next time. Service was friendly and quick but we didn’t feel rushed at all.

As we said, we have been here a couple of times but, every time we come it seems to get better and better. The meal, including drinks came to just under £70. It was worth every penny.




Belpassi Bros

Meatballs were on the menu on Saturday evening as we had a table booked at Belpassi Bros, right next door to Honest Burger. We haven’t come across a restaurant offering just meatballs before but one of the great things about Tooting at the moment is the fact that many of the restaurants specialise in one thing and they focus on doing that really well.  In fact, Honest is a good example of this and we hoped that Belpassi Bros. would be another.

The decor inside is warm and cosy and we were quickly seated by our very friendly waitress. The menu is pretty simple. They do 5 different types of meatballs (including a vegetarian option) and you can either have meatballs and a sauce, or meatballs with a base and a sauce. The price point is reasonable with the meatballs, sauce and base costing £9.50. There are also a selection of side dishes and some cicchetti (small snacks) which can be served as starters. We ordered 2 portions of the squash and sage bruschetta and 2 portions of the arancini balls to start (we’re not that greedy, there were 4 of us).

Even as I write this, the thought of the bruschetta is making my mouth water. Quite simply, it was delicious! The smooth and sweet squash was complimented by small pieces of Gorgonzola and every mouthful was a delight.


The courgette and mozzarella arancini balls, which came with a tomato based dip, were also lovely; well-cooked with a lovely crispy outer shell and soft, warm filling. Compared to the arancini we had at Brick & Liquor which had chorizo instead of courgette, perhaps they weren’t quite as good, but there isn’t much in it.


For our main dishes, 2 of us chose the pork & fennel option and 2 of us went for Angus beef. Again, 2 of us opted for the San Marzano tomato and basil sauce, and the other 2 chose the amatriciana sauce (tomato, pancetta & chilli). We also had a mix between the chilli greens or rigatoni pasta as a base. We were each served a portion of 4 perfectly formed nicely sized meatballs.


There was a good hit of fennel with the pork meatballs which worked really well with them, and the beef was rich and meaty. They weren’t drowning in sauce, which was a good thing as the flavour of the meatballs shone through and were allowed to speak for themselves. The rigatoni was cooked al-dente and was lovely. The chilli greens provided a tasty alternative with the chilli oil adding a lovely flavour.  We had also ordered rosemary fries and a portion of zucchini fritti. Now, I am not a fan of courgettes but these were lovely. The batter was light and crispy, not dripping in oil, and they were a real winner with all of us, in fact, my mouth is watering again as I write this just thinking about them.



We ended the meal with ice cream or tiramisu. The ice cream on offer came in a range of flavours and we went for mint choc-chip (the best ice cream flavour in the world!), pear and whisky caramel (lovely pear and subtle whisky, they worked well together) and dark chocolate and orange sorbet (who doesn’t like chocolate and orange?). They were yummy with a smooth creamy texture, and really tasty.


The tiramisu was quite a substantial portion which was rich, creamy, and generously dusted in cocoa powder.


Along with our food, we also had a lovely but quite potent Negroni which was mixed and then served in a small neat medicine bottle, a can of pale ale (Beyond the Pale – London Beer Factory), a Sailor Jerry rum and coke, and a glass of Chianti which was quite decent and went really well with the meatballs.


We really enjoyed our meal. The service was very friendly, attentive and not rushed. We left a full restaurant feeling comfortably stuffed and very satisfied.  Belpassi Bros would be a great place to visit for a date, a family meal or just a catch-up with friends. They might only serve meatballs, but they are a great core ingredient for a really good hearty meal.


Tooting Pop

Having been reading about it on Twitter for the last couple of weeks and discovering our fridge was empty, we made our way to the newly opened Tooting Pop for dinner. Tooting Pop is just along from Tooting Broadway station and houses a bar and 2 pop up kitchens. These kitchens will change every 6 months, and the first 2 that have the honour of getting Tooting Pop established are Raclette Bothers and Every Juan Loves Tacos.

When we arrived we were greeted by a bright, uncluttered space. The bar is in the middle with tables and seats on either side of it. The drinks menu was projected onto one wall, and the movie Cocktail was projected onto the other. The focus here is on craft beers but they also had a small selection of wines, 80’s inspired cocktails and spirits. The seating is mostly at communal canteen style benches which seat 6 comfortably, 8 at a squeeze. Early on in the evening, people were spaced out around the tables but they certainly filled up as time went on.


We ordered a pint of Northcote Blonde and a glass of Chenin Blanc and sat down at one of the tables. Both Raclette Brothers and Every Juan Loves Tacos were new to us so we decided on trying the tacos to get us started.


One of the great things was that the food was relatively cheap. Tacos were priced at £3 each or two for £5.50. We chose to share one of the beef brisket and one of the balsamic pork tacos. They were speedily delivered to our table and we prepared for our first real experience of tacos. A bit messy, in a good street food way, they were delicious. The beef was rich and tender and the accompaniments created a warm explosion of flavour. The pork with pineapple, lime and onion, was sweet and juicy, and the habanero salsa gave it a nice kick of heat. Good stuff.


The tacos above had more colour to them and looked a lot more appealing than in the photo, it’s just that there is neon lighting on the walls around the seating area, and this gave quite a strange pink glow to our photos, which we’ve tried to remove.

After a short break  we decided to treat this experience a bit like a 3 course meal, so we ordered beef bourguignon buns with chips (one cheesy, one plain). This combo was priced at £9 each. Again, a really reasonable price and believe us, it was worth every penny.


The beef bourguignon was served in a brioche bun with gooey raclette cheese, slightly bitter rocket and béarnaise sauce. It was rich, tender and delicious. The cheesy chips were topped with melted raclette. It was a filling but very tasty meal. We loved it.


After that, it seemed rude to not go for dessert so we went back to Every Juan Loves Tacos for some Churros. When they were served the smell of cinnamon wafted towards us and they were drizzled with a chocolate sauce. Perfectly cooked, crunchy on the outside but pillowy and soft in the inside, these were the perfect end to a slightly eclectic meal.


By the time we left, the place was packed, and we had had a really good evening. We were both absolutely stuffed and felt very satisfied.

Tooting Pop is another welcome addition to Tooting. It’s something a bit different to what is already on offer and we will definitely be back. The weekend brunch looks great so maybe next time we will give that a go.


Honest Burgers Brunch

There are some great places for brunch in Tooting but being adverse to queueing outside Brickwood or MUD Tooting, especially on a grey Saturday morning, we were thankful that Honest Burger had a few tables free. We are fans of their burgers and their brunch menu is also appealing, partly because of its simplicity.


We were seated quickly at our request at the bar along the window and ordered drinks: a breakfast tea and a freshly squeezed orange juice.  These were served quickly. The tea was served in a tea pot with a small bottle of milk and the orange juice was freshly squeezed and pleasingly cold. We placed our order for an Honest brunch, along with avocado, chorizo and fried egg on toast and a cappuccino.


The service was really friendly and whilst we waited for our food to arrive, we relaxed and watched Tooting pass by the window.

Food here is served on canteen style tin plates which add to the charm.  It didn’t take long for brunch to arrive. The avocado, chorizo and egg on toast was lovely. 2 lightly toasted slices of bread, a really healthy portion of creamy avocado, a spicy and flavoursome chorizo sausage topped with a runny yolked fried egg. What is not to love? Perhaps another slice of toast would have been perfect, but that is my only comment. The flavours were lovely and everything was well cooked.


The brunch plate came loaded with egg, bacon, sausage, mushrooms, black pudding, bubble & squeek rosti, sourdough, and the fantastic Honest beans. It took a little strategic manouvering of items around the plate in order to load the food onto the fork, but it was  worth it. For me, it would usually be about the meat on the plate, but the Honest beans are great and possibly the standout item there.


That was a good solid brunch and a great start to the day, and it kept us going through until the evening and our visit to Picanha Steak Tooting (review coming soon!).