MeatUP Grill

We never really venture to Wandsworth in the evenings and Wandsworth Town is somewhere we’ve only ever really driven through. Every time we do though, we comment on what a nice little high street it is. We came across MeatUp on Twitter and being fans of good meat, it has been on our list to try for a little while. So, finding our fridge empty, we headed to Wandsworth Town to give it a go.

The restaurant is deceptively large, going back quite a way from the front. It is nicely decorated and has a rustic feel to it. There is a bar area near the front and the kitchen is open, with some stools so you could sit and watch the food being prepared if you liked. We were seated towards the back where it was cooler, which was fine with us.

We ordered an Old Town gin based cocktail and a pale ale and looked through the dishes on offer on the menu.


In the spirit of writing a review, we decided to order starters. We chose the BBQ pork rib, and a haloumi salad. There wasn’t too much of a wait for the food and when it arrived, we realised we may have made a mistake. For starters, the portions were really big!

The haloumi salad included 3 large slices of haloumi, grilled to give it a really lovely flavour and texture. These were layered with grilled heritage beetroot and sprinkled with pistachios and pomegranate seeds. The combination of the smoky haloumi and sweet pomegranate jewels went really well together, but it was so filling!


The pork belly rib was lovely. The outside of the meat was sweet and smoky from the BBQ glaze, and the inside of it was soft and juicy, and it fell away from the bone with ease. For a starter, there was a lot of meat to eat but I wasn’t complaining.


Having seen some dishes be delivered to a table next to us, we had decided to order the beef short rib for 1 (this is also available as a portion for 2) and a burger for our mains. Both came with a choice of skin on chips, skinny fries or salad. We had chosen a portion of each type of potato and also ordered some macaroni cheese (bear in mind this was before we had seen the size of the portions).

We were on our way to being full just from the starter so when the mains arrived we knew we would have to dig deep to get through it all. The beef short rib was a big portion of meat. It had been marinated for 24 hours and cooked slowly over a low heat so that the meat just fell apart. Like the pork rib, it was juicy and full of meaty flavour. You can see from the photo, it was a big lump of meat, more than enough after a big starter.


The burger was tasty. It was a homemade chuck, brisket, short-rib and bone marrow patty. It wasn’t the thickest or juiciest burger we’ve ever had but it had good flavour and was served with gooey melted cheese on top and a side portion of pickles/ slaw. The fries were nice but the skin on chips were superb. Excellent crispy skin with fluffy potato in the middle.


Ordering the macaroni cheese was a bit of a mistake as we were simply too full but whilst it had a good flavour, it was a little dry and could have done with a bit more sauce.

By the end of the meal, we were both stuffed. When the bill came, it totalled around £70 (including service charge), and we both agreed it had been pretty good value given the amount and quality of the food we had eaten. It certainly hadn’t been a case of quantity over quality.  If you like grilled meat this is somewhere you really need to try.